Marching to Stop Brexit

When I moved to the United Kingdom (“U.K.") at age 12, a number of British and European people gave me very helpful advice and guidance which has affected my attitudes toward both the U.K. and the European Union (“EU”). When I took my oath to her Majesty the Queen in becoming a U.K. citizen, I was asked why I wanted to become British. One reason was that I would be able to live and work anywhere in the EU as well as in the U.K. I have benefited greatly from the opportunity to explore and learn about the 28 countries and their ability to overcome historic difficulties through shared legislation and commerce.

The Brexit referendum and its aftermath have seriously impaired our ability to overcome these historic difficulties. I am deeply disappointed by the growing anger and hostility since the vote took place. Today’s United Kingdom is disunited and could break apart to the detriment of all of us.

We cannot sit back and watch our home country be broken apart or leave the economic union of the EU. Just as we want the EU to change in certain areas, so should we be able to change our minds or the way we voted.

Since the referendum, I have joined many people campaigning with friends and making new friends along the way as we call for a second vote in response to the clear consequences of the 2016 first vote. To regain our significant opportunities to live and work in the EU, and to keep our kingdom united, we must have a second referendum.

If you love our country, join me and the other campaigners in our March for a Final Vote on the Brexit Outcome.

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